Colours and style of Havana

Fabulous classic cars are always parked next to the Capitolio ready to serve next passengers with style.

Beach of Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is one of the paradisiacal tourist centers of Caribbean, with beaches of white sand, calm, transparent waters and mangrove forest reaching the shoreline

Tranquil street of Trinidad

Welcome to the living open-air museum of vintage cars and Spanish colonial architecture

Living street of Habana Vieja

One of the numerous vivid streets of Havana – just living its life, ignoring dozens of photographers around

Colonial spirit of Trinidad

Red tiles roofed houses ornamented with artistic balconies, iron wrought railings and colourful facades. Neo-classical and Baroque. Stunning.

Time stops in Trinidad

Cobbled streets of Trinidad, vintage cars, red tiles roofed houses painted on pastel colours, colourful facades. Time stopped.

Sexy streets of Havana

Just as cool as it looks – casual street of Havana, nothing retouched, nothing hidden.

Urban Pearls of Venetian Lagoon

Amazing colourful style of the Murano island in Venetian Lagoon, so often lost behind touristy Venice.

Mood of the Venice

Casual canal of Venice living own life ignoring tourists.

Where Venice meets the sea

Bird's eye view over the Venice from the city center

Fiat where it belongs

Tiny Fiat sends you greetings from streets of Rome, proving its role in the city scape

Trevi Fountain

Famous fountain in Rome Trevi district, designed by architect Nicola Salvi. Nowadays one of the most powerful tourist magnets.

Living wall in Radeberg

Stylish green wall of a casual house in Germany

Plitvice Lakes

Turquoise-colored Plitvice lakes in Croatia - one of the most beautiful European destinations.